About DataBlend – Company Overview

Featuring an intuitive workflow builder, DataBlend automates data transfers and schedules key processes to run at any time. Clients gain more value from their core systems with enhanced reporting and a holistic view of company performance with real-time data.

With DataBlend’s new interface, business users can implement field to field mapping, pivot tables, and additional data transformations with unlimited custom scripting possibilities. The platform saves time and money by providing powerful extract, transform, and load capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Peter MacIntyre reveals what sets DataBlend apart from other integration tools, stating, “DataBlend has solved a lot of unique problems for companies in that it can extract complicated data sets and simplify them for easy data loads. All along, our goal has been to make DataBlend a user-friendly platform that anyone can use to create their own integrations.”

Adam Kozaryn, Vice President of Software, spearheaded the platform’s development. He shares why DataBlend is the integration solution of choice for many organizations:

“With minimal coding or technical expertise, DataBlend can act as the ‘middleman’ to integrate your existing Cloud or on-premise data systems to provide a much higher ROI. You are able to pull data in real-time from Cloud financial solutions such as Sage Intacct, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Bamboo HR, as well as on-premise SQL/MS Access/Oracle, for example, and then join and analyze in a single user interface without having to use multiple reporting tools.”

Additionally, business users get the most out of their implementations with DataBlend’s real-time dashboards and notifications. Specifically, they can view the dashboard for real-time status updates and automate the delivery of email notifications to end users.

Ultimately, DataBlend delivers the big picture of business performance that only unified data across systems can offer.

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