DataBlend 2019.2 Release: Everything You Need to Know

We are excited to announce the DataBlend 2019.2 release. This release includes new features, security updates, and bug fixes.

What’s new?

You can now easily search for accounts using the intuitive Adaptive Export Query Builder. This allows you to quickly and easily gather all the information you need to export anything you’d like from Adaptive. So, whether you’re running an Adaptive to Adaptive integration or bringing Adaptive into an entirely new system, we’ve got you covered.

What about security?

Glad you asked! Here at DataBlend, we take security seriously. To keep your account safe it will now lock after 6 consecutive login attempts. Additionally, we have created new, more secure password change requirements. Lastly, QuickBooks Online’s authentication is now compatible with OAuth2.

What else is new with DataBlend 2019.2?

With the release of DataBlend 2019.2, we will be sunsetting DataBlend Classic. What this means for you is a more user-friendly UI with all of your favorite Classic features including:

  • Adaptive Export and Approval Requests modules
  • Classic home page
  • Shortcut links

Shortcut Links

Home Page View

DataBlend 2019.2 Home Page

We’ve eliminated the bugs!

Lastly, we’ve been hard at working making sure we remove all the bugs from DataBlend. One of the major changes here is you can now click Analyze Data Source to see exactly how the data has been imported into DataBlend.


If you’d like any additional information regarding these and other updates, feel free to send our support team an email.

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