DataBlend Introduces Adaptive Insights and QuickBooks Online Integration to the Adaptive Insights Marketplace

As an avid believer in cloud financial technology, you are using both Adaptive Insights and QuickBooks Online at your organization. You’re delighted with the way the programs have enhanced business planning and financial management. How can you maximize the return on your investments? Through data integration, you can further elevate your business performance.

DataBlend, the cloud-based integration platform as a service, introduces the Adaptive Insights and QuickBooks Online integration to the Adaptive Insights Marketplace.

Success requires active planning. Active planning requires unified data.

Quickbooks Online and Adaptive Insights Via DataBlend

Collaborative Technology for Teams

When you integrate your financial systems, they no longer operate in silos. You create collaborative technology that works together to deliver real-time information. Because the finance, accounting, and sales teams are working from the same “sheet of music”, they can make informed decisions that contribute to overall strategic vision.

Data Accuracy

Many finance professionals pore over spreadsheets, doublechecking their calculations. With integration, there’s no more risk of error that comes with manual entry. When you automatically transfer data from one system to another using DataBlend, you ensure accuracy and save time for high-priority initiatives.

Big-Picture Insights

Since you can smoothly transfer data between the systems that drive your business, you get the big-picture insights that only comprehensive and unified data can deliver.

DataBlend’s Importing and Exporting Capabilities

You know how integration drives great results for your organization. But, what happens during the process?

DataBlend transfers data to and from your mission-critical systems, including accounting (e.g. QuickBooks Online), corporate performance management (e.g. Adaptive insights), and customer relationship management (e.g. Salesforce). Its bi-directional transfer capabilities give you the freedom to move data to where you want it.

With DataBlend, You Gain the Ability to:

  • Quickly set up connections and build end-to-end workflows with an easy-to-use wizard called the Query Builder.


  • Preview data in real-time as you build workflows before performing imports and exports using DataBlend’s Query Builder.


  • Perform pre-built data transformations including filters, pivot tables, concatenate, flip sign, substring and many more. With your data set in the Query Builder, the integration executes any transformations and business rules you specify.


  • Manage mappings through web tables – including the ability to create rules based on multiple fields. Furthermore, DataBlend’s field mapping capabilities align source with destination columns to ensure data accuracy.


  • Conduct automated imports and exports of flat files through SFTP
  • Connect on-premise systems with a DataBlend agent
  • Push and pull data directly from Excel with DataBlend plug-in
  • Save time by scheduling key processes to run at any time.


  • Conduct clean QuickBooks Online exports including account attributes and other metadata (not just rollups)
  • Schedule automated delivery of email notifications and alerts to end users

DataBlend: Where Data is Discovery

Harness the collective capabilities of technology, and it’s amazing what you can discover about your organization. Through data integration, you make the most of your financial systems. You transform data into actionable insights.

To learn how DataBlend is transforming finance for organizations, please read our stories of client success.

Want to watch the integration in action? Please tune into the recorded demo:

To get the complete financial picture, build your success with DataBlend by requesting a demo.

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