How DataBlend iPaaS Saves Time and Improves Business Insight

DataBlend iPaaS Saves Time and Improves Business InsightAn English proverb wisely states, ‘Time is the soul of business.’

Achieving results in business depends on how well you manage time for optimal productivity. It’s a busy day at work and you are making progress on, for example, a revenue planning project. The project involves a lot of collaboration between your colleagues in the finance, sales, and marketing teams. As you exchange e-mails and spreadsheets, the project surely yet slowly heads to completion.

This may appear to be a tried and true method, but what if there’s a way for you to get the project to the finish line faster? There is with DataBlend, the cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Now, you can manage your core operations better than ever before.

In the data-driven world of business, DataBlend gives you the capability to discover real-time insights that lead to informed decisions. It automates the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data so you have more time to evaluate the data in your financial and operational systems. How is your company performing? Where is your company headed to in the future? Want to track and project multiple streams of revenue? When you use the platform to streamline your data flows between systems, you can focus on value-added analysis and strategy.

DataBlend iPaaS Saves Time and Improves Business InsightHere are the benefits DataBlend provides for your organization:

Unify the Data

When you unify data, you transform it into full-picture insights. That’s the beauty of integration. Bring data together in a budgeting, forecasting and reporting system like Adaptive Insights, and it’s incredible what you can discover about your organization. You develop a deeper understanding of performance in the past, present, and future.

What happens during DataBlend’s integration workflow? The platform transfers data to and from your mission-critical systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), corporate performance management (CPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) and syncs it across systems. With automatically synced data, you can unlock key business insights faster and easier. No more unnecessary manual entry of data.

There’s another benefit. Because your organization’s departments are now working from the same “sheet of music,” you improve collaboration and maximize productivity between team members.

Your Critical Systems Are Connected

Connectivity between your systems is also important in data management. You get the most results from your systems when they function as a “team”. DataBlend creates that team of technology.

Prior to integration, your systems operate in silos. Since they’re not in sync, they’re not aligned with each other. What’s the solution? Bridge this communication gap through integration.

When DataBlend iPaaS integrates your financial and operational systems, they communicate with each other and your data is aligned.

That’s a helpful ability to have when you manage projects and want the full picture of business performance.

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere

We clearly live in a mobile world.

As organizations grow and people increasingly access information from their cell phones, this mobility calls for stability. What’s the best way to stay in the know anytime, anywhere?

It’s the Cloud.

As a cloud-based integration platform, DataBlend gives you immediate access to the integrations and workflows within your organization. Because you can access it from anywhere, you stay productive while on the road.

Cloud-based systems put time on your side. You and your team members can now leverage information from wherever you are without lapses in productivity.

Get the Full Picture

Picture this. You and your fellow team members are at the conference table, in the middle of a discussion about how to best proceed with an initiative.

You have an idea supported by holistic data you compiled from your integrated financial systems. You present your findings with illuminating graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations. Your presentation sparks contemplation. It makes a compelling business case.

As you say your concluding remarks, you see people nod in approval. Everyone is enthusiastic about your data-driven idea. It’s then put into action.

With DataBlend, you can provide the full picture that brings people on board with your ideas. You gain the sense of perspective that helps your organization thrive.

Drive Operational Change

DataBlend is transformative. It’s where data becomes your discovery.

Because you have the full picture of business performance, you can drive operational change that brings your success to the next level. You can guide your organization to a bright financial future.

Want to bring your success to the next level with DataBlend? Unify your data today.

Build Your Success with DataBlend

To learn more about how DataBlend iPaaS can help your organization, please tune into the recorded demo:

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